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Got a question? Use the forum. It's a slick and easy way to get answers to your web building questions.


Oooops! Counter on first page disappeared! Also my little logo showing I was a proud member of Bravenet! What's going on? Bravenet is temporarily off because of some technical difficulties. See the little empty places below? That's where our forum was! When the Bravenet problems are worked out the forum will be back.


Of course, if you're interested in adding a Bravenet forum to YOUR website, go to Bravenet to find out more about them and their products!


Okay, see bottom of this page? There you will find a wonderful free website product from HTML Gear, a Tripod site. This is really cool! You can click on it.... send me an email..... and protect my privacy because you cannot see my email address! It's a nice feature because you are not the only person who gains access to my email address at this site, but it makes it harder for spammers to obtain your address! Nice, huh?

If you like the product, click on "get gear" to learn all about it!



Don't be afraid to get started. If you can do it, you can undo it.


Save your work frequently. Sometimes the internet can be a bit flakey, especially during heavy traffic times.


Worried about that word "publish"? Don't be. Nobody's going to know you're there until you TELL somebody, advertise someplace or add the link to another site on the web. If you're concerned somebody might see the unfinished product, just put up a "construction" sign in the form of clipart; just don't leave it there very long.


Notice an abundance of "extras" - all those little buttons? Just want you to see a representative sample of the good stuff that's out there on the net, just waiting for you to copy and paste it into your very OWN website! On the next page? You've GOT to see (and use) "Add Your Own Link" at...

Don't want to use the forum? Well then, just drop me a line...

get this gear!