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Not just the title changed... and it's better than ever!

hmmmmmmmm! ever had that feeling about building your website?
No more! Let granni help you ;-)

NEW! ... another blogger group and the best ftp program - for FREE!

You're only as smart as your references... and kiddies, do I ever have those! Here you will find all I know about building websites... right from the sources!
By the way... don't know what HTML means? Why ask me when you can ask an expert. Use the following form: type in whatever web word you want to know and Webopedia will define it. Neat, huh?

Enter a keyword...

Enter a search term and press Go!


If you know a great link I don't know about, inform me!

When I get done with you, you'll know as much as I do about this website building stuff!.

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