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It's NEW!!!!!
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My personal favorite ftp program is WS_FTP95 LE - and be sure to use the tutorial if you are unfamiliar with ftp.
Cat Schwartz from TechTV has a report on a "Free" File: Platypus Web Builder. I've downloaded and looked at it but haven't had a minute to work with it yet! Looks like a winner though - so easy that I think anybody could use it. Go directly to:
and get Antechinus Web Effects (Upgraded).  Don't bother downloading the separate FTP file though - it comes with the Web Builder tool! mmmmmmmmmm!!! ...whole new territories to explore! (Okay I'll admit it - haven't actually tried FTP yet!) Will get back to you within the week with "how it works!"

If you don't watch Leo LaPorte's Screensavers on TechTV, you should! He's on cable and he's on the internet.  The latest fun thing I learned from his show was how to get my very own weather pixie and you can get one too! Customize him or her to suit you!
Graphics and Midis - all my bookmarks - straight from my personal homepage
Photo Places - Your digital photos are best shown off in albums or galleries.
A new look for granni39! Emphasis on where to find the latest and best website building materials.
Looking for some of the stuff from the "old" granni39's WebBuilding Tutorial? Check the Archives!.

Interested in Blogging? Not satisfied with that other Blogger Group? Try this one. We've got answers ;-)

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Granni39's commercial moment... my enthusiasm for computers was gained because of the two BEST resources in our area - my husband Frank and the Saginaw Valley Computer Association. The SVCA website is a great resource for all things computer! Visit there and visit often! SVCA, thank you for being there! Frank, I still take you for granted. Just keep being there.
SVCA general meetings are held on the last Thursday of the month, every month, at the Zauel Public Library on the corner of Shattuck and Center Roads in Saginaw Township, Michigan. Public is invited. Pre-meeting question and answer period starts at 6:30 p.m. with the General meeting starting at 7:00 p.m. We welcome new members!

December 1, 2002