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Job One: The website host you choose more than likely has a tutorial. Use it - even if you think you don't need it. Each web editor will usually have it's own easy-to-use menu. Each web editor often gives you choices of template/no template - depending on your level of expertise. Even if your expertise level is fairly high it's always wise to try the easiest plan first. You can alway advance upward but sometimes it's difficult if not impossible to go down a level.
Job Two: After you've played around a little with your web editor, maybe created a site the "easy" way, then go ahead and take on a new tutorial... to go ahead a level.. or two. ;=)

Remember, you don't have to carry it all around in your head! Your knowledge is only as good as your reference library. Here's granni39's online reference library...


I built my first real website using MSN and we still use it! It's a private website that only my family and I can access. Here's a rather comprehensive tutorial that should answer most of your questions ... Web Design for MSN Groups
Cyndi's Genealogy Home Page Construction Kit: sounds like it's pretty specific but it's not. She's got a lot of good general information you should know before you start building your website! Of course, if you're interested in doing a genealogy website... she's got that info for you tool!


Don't pooh-pooh children's websites for information. Webmonkey for Kids is an excellent tutorial.
... and if that's not enough for you, Cybersleuth Kids has a whole list of places for kids to get started building web pages.

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I've bookmarked HTML Clinic as my all-time best place to go when working with HTML. Starts with the basics and has everything you need to know to build a website in HTML. Just copy and paste and you've GOT it!
... and of course, Lycos' Webmonkey - tutorials on everything, whether you're a beginner or advanced webMASTER!
If I'd found PageTutor first it's probably the one I would have used to learn HTML. Super easy, down-to-earth language... another good reference "book."


If you're ready for it...  I've bookmarked a couple of "webmaster e-zines." For starters you might want to try Web Review.
... and then there's Development Articles. Some of it's way above my head and some isn't, so don't be frightened off by some of the titles!


I've joined a Yahoo group - Blogging Community. So try it; you might like it - if for no other reason, they offer a new viewpoint about blogging.

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