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Lost your notes? Missed the meeting? Here they are! 

Granni39s Web Building Tutorial

Shirley Salas

Saginaw Valley Computer Association

February 14, 2002


Why would I want a website?

Family communication private

Share interest in a hobby or special interest

Organization information and share ideas

Special occasions wedding, new baby, holiday

Diary, online magazine

Your own custom made online homepage


Heres one reason why!

I started this website in preparation for this presentation.


Where do I start?

Your Current ISP (Charter offers the least and not to all subscribers)

MSN Communities:



AOL Hometown:  (easy but not very reliable)



Get Started


-     Choose identity (granni39)

-          Become member as identity (fill in info about self correctly)

-          Set up e-mail for identity (to use on website)

-          Start your website

-          Have clipart on your harddrive

-          Resize photos before adding to site - <72 dpi; 4x6 inches

-          Publish Keep title short topic (webtutorial)


First Website?

Tripod is the easiest ever!


If you can read you can do it!  Go through the tutorial provided by Tripod.


Super Simple!  Just do it you can change it later.


Oops! Changed my mind!!!  When changing the total look, be sure to check all your pages to be sure how they look with the new format. Some other minor moving around may be necessary.


Edit Buttons  Try them get  familiar with them, even the HTML webgem!


Webmaster Aids

Granni39s Tutorial

            Check the tutorial for answers. Use the forum or contact me if the answers arent there.

            The website will grow to include how-tos for the other web hosts mentioned here tonight.

Free Clipart:

Artie newgifs -

3d textmaker -

321 clipart-



Something For All:

Webmonkey -




HTML Clinic -

Bravenet -

Angelfire HTML Library -

Calendars Net -

Check with Granni39 often. Urls will be added regularly


Easiest web host editors  ranking: (easy first):

  1. Tripod
  2. Microsoft Network Communities
  3. AOL (beginner version)
  4. Geocities
  5. Angelfire


Start with the easiest version of whatever web host you choose. You can always upgrade to a more complex version later, but you usually cant get back to the easy way once youve advanced.


Have fun ;-)

Notes created by granni39 for PowerPoint presentation to SVCA February 14, 2002.