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Below are links to web-building aids. As this website expands, the list of links will grow.

Website Hosts



MSN Communities

AOL Hometown


Here are sites for everybody, whether you're just beginning your website, been working on sites for awhile or are a true master of the art! Any questions? Just click the "feedback button" below!

Got a "glitch" going here. Please be patient. Added new link sharing feature & Tripod is currently not "allowing" me to delete redundant websites. At the moment, I can't even MOVE them! In the words of Arnold "I'll be back!"

Web Graphics


Artie - New Gif's

3D Textmaker

For the More Experienced Webmaster

HTML Clinic


Angelfire HTML Library

Calendars Net

Do you know a good place to build a website that is not included in these pages? You can add it yourself. Just be sure the complete URL is there. Thanks!

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