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July 9, 2002
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FROM APRIL 15, 2002 "What's New"
He's fine now!!! ...thanks to a talented surgeon, great nursing staff, tough determination on his part and last, but not least, God.
So with snow, flood and "age realization day" what else could go wrong? March 15 Frank showed me an astonishing wonderment - his pacemaker (the replacement installed August 2000) was visible through a tiny hole in his chest! Ended up in "emergency room" where all who saw it were astounded. The attending doctor phoned Frank's cardiologist who said "dress it and come to the office on Tuesday." It actually had been bothering him ever since rehab from the triple bypass surgery in December 2000. We think that was the cause for his pacer to become relocated, resulting in what turned out to be his body rejecting the pacer at that location.

Photo by granni39
This photo was taken without flash in the hospital room just hours after surgery!

Two weeks later -April Fools Day - he was in the hospital for rewiring - two operations with a complete surgical room cleanup between, including all in the O.R. making a complete change of clothes! He was home in two days and we're doing everything in our power to keep him from having to go back. He has promised to "take it easy" all summer - no more tree-cutting, etc.
A week after the surgery we were out walking at the Dow Gardens! We spent at least two hours there, strolling, chatting with other visitors and snapping a few photos! Wanna see how grampi looked the week after his operation? See my April 15 journal page!

Here are some old items that are too good to forget.


Wow! What a vote of confidence! Brought my own personal fan club to the February 14 presentation and when we got there, found more! Those folks that said, "..we came because of your presentation..." really were motivating! Lost all apprehensions and inhibitions and REALLY hammed it up for them! Thanks everybody!


Read the February 28, 2002... for more about this event and the rest of granni39's grumbling for the month of February! Prepare to be astounded. Granni sure gets around for an old broad!


DID YOU KNOW...... that Betty Boop was "born" in 1930.  I didn't! That, perhaps explains why granni holds a special place in her heart for Betty Boop! (She's even older than me!!!)
Found some fabulous places for Betty memorabilia on the net. I, however, have enough memorabilia to last a very long time, so I'm keeping to "online" collections from here on out. Right on top of my Boop pile is If you, too, are a Betty fan, you can find lots of fun graphics and there. Boop- boop- de- doooo!
You can find Betty all over the internet, mostly graphics and merchandise but, if you really want to know who she is... here's a link to her history, provided by "One Woman's Obsession to Betty Boop."


Grannies can be a little nuts, too. This picture was taken this past summer - just before I crashed into the seawall! Nobody was hurt, only my ego, and a fitting for the mast broke. It wasn't all that bad... the new part was under $100... and I'll be out there again next year!


Just last month the lakeside woods were brilliant with colors - oranges, reds, and golden hues, blending in with the greens of the gloriously huge pines.

We-e-e-l-l-l that was THEN!!! It's grumbling time again...all those pretty leaves fell quickly. The winds came and that was the end. Here's poor little Nikki tending the fire after her daddy and grampi blew all those into piles for us! WHEW!!! What a job! (We had fun, though, didn't we Nikki?)

Kilroy? Where ARE you?