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July 9, 2002


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July 9, 2002
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"Invitation Only" and other special events!!! 

Ready for a trip around the zoo?
..... come on everybody!

Zoo Again - This time it's by invitation only. Saginaw zoo sent out invites to the grand opening of the "Otter Habitat" and what a turnout! Everybody who turned out thought it was to be an elite group - and so it was! Wall to wall people - never before did the zoo have such a crowd!
The otters were too shy to come out and let us see them... but we saw people there that we hadn't seen in years! Nat and Alex as our guests, we met Patti and David there and didn't hang around the otter place very long because we all felt it would be better to see them later in summer with less crowds! Highlight of my evening was watching Patti and even David pet a great big giant albino constrictor (actually it was yellow). Zoo lady said that snake wouldn't have lasted long in the wild because of his color.

Dad helps daughter...
..... bring in her kites!

Life's a Beach!!! If you haven't read about our beach experience, I recommend it.  You can find it as a sort of  "wrap-up" article on granni39's Blogger Info page.

An English Garden in Michigan - A pair of friends recently had their beautiful garden featured in a "Garden Walk" in our area. Crystal is a Master Gardener and has exquisite taste in floral design. We enjoyed the privilege of visiting her garden without the crowds. The photos my talented spouse took can be seen at Frankmon911's pBase galleries

Here's granni...
..... creating her first "BlogMonster!"

Wouldn't you know I'd become a BlogMonster creator? Once I tried blogging I just had to share it's simplicity! Nicole was my first victim and she soon showed her mom how to do it. Now, only a few weeks later, I've got practically the whole family blogging - even some who have labeled themselves semi-literate in the website building area! Go granni!!! 
We, a two-cat family with five cats, became dog-sitters while the Pam and Mike family went to see what Disney is all about. They had a great time and you can check Muffy's Blog to find out how well her visit with us went! 

What a wonderful second mom you are, Linda...
.....and you can still bake a pretty fancy cake, too!

Melissa's Party - Melissa and Jeremy were married last October in Tennessee. Since many of their friends were not able to attend, Linda and Dave threw a big wonderful party for Melissa at their home a couple of weeks ago. They had a pigroast - the best I've ever tasted I might add - cooked by their friend John - lots of savory side dishes were topped off by a magnificent wedding cake, baked by our very own Linda. Good job Windy, and we really enjoyed your party!
Wunnerful Yard Helpers - You know how some people are so hard to shop for? Well, I've heard that grampa and I fit that category. Wanna know what's a great gift for such people? Nat and Alex came over one day a couple of weeks ago - after Nat got out of work - and we all did some yard work together. Our yard, which has gone through many phases since our retirement, was sadly neglected recently - especially since we started spending lots of time at the lake during prime yardwork season. What a great Father's Day and Mother's Day gift! Thank you girls! ;-)

What a PERFECT sunrise...
..... on our beautiful Hackert Lake

Sunrise with OttO and Al - The girls spent last weekend with us. What an action-packed weekend! Saturday started when gramps woke Natalie at 6:00 a.m. to see the beautiful sunrise! Nat loved the photo-taking opportunity and I enjoyed the photos when they were downloaded to the computer. After breakfast they went paddle-boating around the lake - brought back loads of beautiful photos. The only thing they missed were the turtles because of a fisherman returning to the DNR ramp - too noisy and too fast. Their boat ride gave me an opportunity to freshen up the cottage a bit - having just moved back into it.
Hiking past the dam - along a river trail - sighting and photographing some of the park's plentiful deer -  lunch overlooking the river at Ludington State Park - another hike, this time the lost island trail - a full day already... but there was more to come!
An evening with Kevin and Shar and family. We had a cookout at their place on Hamlin Lake. Nat wanted to go for a boatride on Kev's pontoon boat, so he was happy to oblige. It was a perfect day for it! Lisa drove the boat - she and Alex had fun waving at all the other boaters we passed. They even waved at the plane flying overhead and were really floored when we told them that the pilot was "waving back" when he tipped his wings! 
Nat and Frank had the perfect opportunity to get the sunset on film - pretty fantastic, really, getting both sunrise and sunset in one day! Geoff brought the boat into the dock where we watched the Hamlin Lake fireworks. More great photos! Natalie even made a beautiful movie clip of the finale - with sound and everything! Those digital cameras are marvelous! I tried to put the finale clip on this website, but the tools aren't available for that type of photography yet.


July 9, 2002