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July 9, 2002
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March 18, 2003

Well this started out as my online diary but you'll find much more up-to-date stuff on Grumbleeze... my blog!

I set up a bulletin board when Natalie orchestrated the Ss. Simon & Jude Bazaar in October. Right now the only thing there is a sailboat ad. Want to get adventuresome? Buy a boat! We'll give you a great deal on it - guaranteed! ;-)


With a little help from gramps...
..... Lisa gets permission to "rev it up" a little!

The zoo revisited - what a difference an invitation makes! Fun on the beach... visit an English garden without even leaving the country... blogging, the newest way to keep an e-journal... parties with loved ones.... at their homes, lakeside, on their boat, and a great and wonderful state park. My life may not be what you call exciting, but it is full and delightful!
Here's a photo of our adventure with Sharlene's family this summer. Lisa enjoyed giving us a tour of Hamlin Lake.


...and what would YOU be wantin' to tell your granni, now?

Kilroy was here, too!

March18, 2003