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July 9, 2002
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The difference between a hypocrite and a wise man is that one states his beliefs while the other lives them. anonymous wise man

Gettin' cold here by the lake...
... time to pack it up for the winter!


Butterflies are once again blooming in the Dow Gardens in Midland. The 'franknsherle' website, Butterflies in Bloom is once again featured in their website!
This is my journal. If you're interested, go ahead and bookmark the page. If not, fine! What you'll find here are my news, views, experiences, photos...whatever I feel like talking about. If I ramble too long on a subject, maybe I'll just call it an essay and give it a more prominent spot. I've even got a forum where you can voice YOUR opinion. If you disagree with me, now's your chance...

New! New! New! Visit the bulletin board - got a "boat for sail" up right now. Interested? Know anybody who is? Contact me!

You can always find something to grumble about when weather is the topic, so........

... here's the WEATHER! Where could you find worse weather to grumble about than a small town that nobody ever heard of in a northern state like Michigan?

Click for Freeland, Michigan Forecast

Does anybody out there remember Kilroy? Okay...speak up!

Remember Kilroy?

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