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July 9, 2002
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Okay...speak up!
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Grampa and Muffy by the river.....
... in Ludington State Park.

So you've read my ramblings. Did I get you riled? ...or maybe you agree. Have a question you want answered? ...maybe want to know my opinion on something. Got an opinion YOU want to express? Now's your chance to talk back! Go ahead! It'll be good for you.
Maybe you just want to relax. If you ever get up our way, try a walk in the park. Nothing could be better for the soul - not to mention the body!

Have you checked the forum lately? Johnny's back and has added some really lame jokes. I just LOVE 'em!!! Thanks, Johnny! ;-)  Oh yes, there's a "johnny wannabe" dropping off jokes on occasion too. They're just as lame, but kind of funny ;-)

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There! Now don't you feel better?

Ten million shrinks can't be wrong!!! Writing it out is a healthy activity! Speak up now. Here's your chance. Besides, would your granni lead you astray?

kilroy WAS here!

July 9, 2002