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May 30, 2002


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July 9, 2002
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 Spring came and went and came back again!

Sharlene's students just LOVE her...
.... as evidenced by this affectionate young man!

Do you think maybe summertime is really here? Our April 17 visit to Dow Gardens proved a bit warm for jeans, but Memorial Day weekend was just right!
Grampa's April 1 pacemaker rewiring job didn't hold him down for long. He was all "...up and at 'em. Come on, let's go!" in time for Sharlene's production of "Music Man." Easy to see she's an admired teacher - the students loved showing off for her! As a result, Gramps took loads of photos and the resulting "frank'nsherle" website was fun to create!

Sometimes we get to have our photo taken together.
Thanks Sherry, you're a good photographer!

We stayed in town the day after "Music Man" so we could attend Lisa's afternoon soccer game. What's a trip to Muskegon without going to the beach - cold weather or not? That morning, while Lisa went book shopping at the library, we strolled on the beach with her mom. With Sharlene as our photographer, we got a pretty good picture of us on the pier. The soccer game turned out to be against Scottville, so we ended up meeting a few people from our "home away from home."

Another really good musician in the family...
... David plays with his soul!

Spontaneous we are! The next weekend Patti told us about the talent show at David's school. With only a couple day's notice we were there - grampa with his camera and granni with a promise to make yet another website! What an inspiration those kids were! All red, white, blue and star-spangled, they entertained like real troupers! I guess I'd forgotten how much talent such young children have - and they're born "hams." David's special talent was his piano and he did a super job! Way to go, David!!! If you've got a moment we'd love to have you visit the frank'nsherle website St. John's Talent Show

That's our LISA out there...
... kicking that ball!

Frank wanted to get more shots of Lisa playing soccer, so the very next weekend we were off to Ludington. Lisa really gave us a lot of action. I'm beginning to understand a bit of how the game is played and have to admit, it's fun watching my granddaughter play! It was really cold that day - with the biting wind coming right off Lake Michigan - but those girls just played harder! Grampa got some really great action shots of Lisa and her teammates!
As the game ended the rains came. Perfect timing - nothing like a cold rain on a nasty Michigan springtime day with lots of wind thrown in for good measure! Lisa and her dad headed for home and we stopped by the cottage to see how things looked. The water is UP!! Gonna be good swimming this summer, if it warms up. 

LOOK at that David go!

With two trips across state to watch soccer games, what kind of grandparents would we be if we didn't go to one of David's soccer games right here at home? He and Patti had a piano recital the night before - it was GREAT by the way - and I think David's adrenalin was still running on high! We were all delighted when he made a goal. It's always fun to watch his age group play. As David says, "We don't keep score yet - but I do!"

The Dow Gardens - what a joy!  We visited twice during the past month - a great place to get a little exercise and enjoy the sites at the same time. Of course, we always have to stop at the library across the street to pick up our next recorded book to listen to while we journey around the state.

Zoos are fun places and a constant source of new photos! Is it any wonder then that we should buy a season pass - good for taking our grandkids to the local zoo, as well as several others within two or three hours driving distance? A small side effect of this event was grampa's motivation to build a website of his own. He's become my star pupil - started right out with straight HTML! He wanted to do a little thing with thumbnails and dropdown pictures, so it was the only way I could teach him to go! We found some good free javascript and... well, visit his very first website at Photos via frankmon911 and see for yourself!  Visit his companion site -  Photos by Frank. Don't be fooled by the "frank'nsherle" logo though! I made the logo but was not involved in building the site beyond advice and support! Way to go, Frank!    

People aren't the only critters
to enjoy the RiverWalk!

What would Memorial Day weekend be without a stay "up north" at the cottage? Still got a mess to clean up in the bigger cottage after our late autumn window replacement job! It was so COLD that granni wasn't really into that sort of thing - running outside, etc. so we've chosen to stay in the "bunkhouse" until we get things cleaned up. Mike and Frank got the water system going the previous weekend but we encountered a problem. The pump wouldn't shut off - we had a leak - had to make a decision - go to the HLA meeting with no shower or go home and take showers. We went home. Thanks to friends at the lake, the minutes were taken and emailed to me for the Hackert Lake Association website.
The guys got our water going again - it was a bad switch. Frank wired in the new switch and Mike installed it. What a team! Sunday we went to Manistee and the Riverwalk - a first time experience for Gramps and me. We loved it! It's a beautiful place.

May 30, 2002