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April 15, 2002


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March 1 - April 15, 2002

March 1 - April 15, 2002
Remember that robin we saw in February? Right after that a BIG snowstorm hit - dropping 6-8 inches almost all at once! Fortunately it went away before Geoff's participation in "Meet me in St. Louis" where he played the grandpa. The resulting website, Muskegon Catholic Central Stars,  proved so popular that GeoCities is still trying to get me to buy space.

MY grandson - a grandpa???

We made our first visit to "Butterflies in Bloom" at the Dow Gardens on March 13 and I was so impressed by the resulting photos Gramps took that I created a website, Butterflies in Bloom, to showcase them. Dow Gardens liked the pics so much they linked to our site from the "events" page of their site. Boy that Frank takes good pictures! 

Yet ANOTHER honor student in the family!

Then there was an open house at Alexandria's school. She was awarded second prize out of her whole class for her science exhibit. Alex gave us a tour of the place with Patti and David and we even got to see Alex's brother Miguel, who is in the U. S. Marine Corps. Grampa took loads of photos, of course and we even enjoyed a good old fashioned homemade soup and salad supper.

Star Clarinetist!!!

...Another butterfly visit - this time with Nat and Alex! Then we were off to G.R. where Nicole was performing with her clarinet in her school concert. A highlight of that event was special recognition to Nicole for her outstanding performance in the latest solo and ensemble competition. Not to brag but she's been first chair ever since she started playing. Way to go, Nicole!!!

Grampa enjoyed another trip to Butterflies in Bloom - with Patti and family - while I stayed home and prepared for Easter dinner. You can view photos of the last two butterfly visits at an addendum to the first website this one featuring a few of the people.

Did ya know butterflies tickle?

Then came The Operation...  (did I mention that it takes a specialist and laser surgery to remove wires attached to those precious blood vessels?)  and on April 6 I put on my purple hat!
You know the old saying about when the going gets tough? Well granni39 just makes another website! Anyway, he's on the mend now, we pray. His cardiologist looked at it a week after the operation and thinks all is going well. Not only did I have to take photos of the "owies" but Grampi shot pics of the doctor's beautiful aquarium!

ONE WEEK after rewiring operations!!!

Now that good weather is here we've decided to get our exercise in the great outdoors - walking in places that are fun to be! Since we love the Dow Gardens and will go back frequently during the summer, we went there to see if the flowers were blooming yet. We found a few crocuses, but not much else. Got some great shots of the Alden Dow home though. Built in the early 1940's it's an architecural beauty that makes our "modern" homes look drab. Matter of fact - Frank's standing in the foreground of that very place in this photo!

What's next? Well we'd like to get photos of our friend Crystal's roses. She's a Master Gardener and her rose garden will be featured in a "Parade of Gardens" in Saginaw this June. We've seen her beautiful gardens before and I know Frank will get some great shots of that event! Meanwhile, please pray that Frank's newest pacer implant "takes" and that our granddaughter Alex's brother, Miguel, who will be stationed somewhere in the middle East this summer, comes home safely.


April 15, 2002