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Tripod Tips originally set up as a reminder sheet for a group of teachers, trained by yours truly, to use on their websites.

Click on Log In & when sign in page pops up, type in your Member Name & Password.
Scroll to find Homepage Stats and click on Edit My Homepage.
If not available (which is frequently in my experience) move to Links and Click on Tripod.
On that page (which can also be reached by going directly to scroll down & click on Site Builder. This location shows any sites you build with your sign-in name and password.
Click on the page name that you created.
If you happen to reach a page that says Temporary Interruption, click on the link they provide on that page to continue working.  This interruption page shows up fairly often.
Just read & follow directions on your page. Remember: Click on a yellow edit square to make a change, whether you want to add or change a picture, or you wish to change text.
You can also add pictures, text, or links by clicking on the icons in the green space below your page. This area also allows you to add special things (web gems), change the look, move, copy or delete by simply clicking and following directions.
View your page(s) to see how they look to the public.
Don't forget to click on the Publish icon before you're done. Or all your work for that session will be lost.
Go to another page of your site to work on it. You have links to your other pages at either the top, bottom, right or left side, depending on your site's look

October 23, 2002