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Bicycle Around the World


Welcome home Dale - and Ruth!
Dale, I visited your photograph place and, because I've read every letter, was reminded of the wonder of your journey through the viewing.
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Columbus, Ohio?- You'd think he would be tired of bicycling after all that round the world stuff! Well you've GOT to read all about how it ends and what's up now. Also - Dale's got pictures!

Osaka, Japan - Well he made it - all the way east to Kyushu, the city just to the west of his starting point in a suburb of Osaka... and now he and Ruth are doing a bit of sight-seeing before heading home. Congratulations Dale!

Iyoki, Saga Cho, Kochi Ken, Japan - so okay, I've heard about... and seen... campers in parking lots here in our country, so why not sleep in churches while in Korea? Dale finally completed his trip full cycle.

The last of China - and folks, do you think YOU"VE got problems driving around those orange barrels?

You can speak Chinese. Companionship with locals doesn't always require conversational English!


Dale sent us the following URL to the website of some British friends he recently met:
"Just in case you are interested, you will find me mentioned near the bottom of this page, just before the section about the border crossing. They said I was from Ohio because I gave them a card with my permanent mailing address on it. But that is in Illinois."


My husband and I know Dale because of our mutual affiliation with the Saginaw Valley Computer Association. When Dale announced his intention to complete a bicycle trip around the world, we were astounded!  He started his trip in 1994, then came home to care for his ailing father. Dale has said that he doesn't create a website because he doesn't have much to say. Well Dale, I'm here to show your friends and family what you DO have to say! Just stay healthy, keep on biking and keep those emails coming!
..... Shirley (the webbuilding granni) Salas


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After reading about Dale's travels my own journal seems rather mundane... but what the heck! Why don't you stop by and see what's been happening in the ordinary life of a new century gramma - grumbles from granni39

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Here's Dale - right back where he started from!


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Dale, your friends in the SVCA computer group are very much interested in your travels! As you keep me posted, I promise to continue the updates on your whereabouts and general well-being. Geography was never my strongpoint but following you around the world is FUN!

Dale's former employer in Bishkek, Zarema, is offering a unique opportunity to an English-speaking native. If you're interested in a once in a lifetime experience, read her job offer.