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Happy Valentine's Day!


Valentine's Day is a special day we all enjoy. On that day we give special cards called "valentines" to our friends and schoolmates.

Some people like to make their own valentines to give to special friends. When you make something for your mom, dad or other special people, it shows that you cared so much that you wanted to do something for them.

Some of our St. Valentine's Day links are to sites where you can make your own valentines - create e-mail valentines - make other special craft items, including stationery - play games - find clipart for your own webpage - and other Valentine activities.


Hey kids! Here are links to some really fun places on the net all about valentines and St. Valentine's Day! The first two have just about EVERYTHING you could want to do - games, e-valentines, crafts and more!

Kid's Domain Valentine FUN

Primary Games Valentine Stuff

St. Valentine was a real person. This next site will tell you all about him and also has stories about three famous couples in history.

The Story of St. Valentine

Below is a site with loads of links to even MORE places to make valentines, play games and find out all about this holiday.

Black Dog 4 Kids Links

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Have a Happy Valentine's Day!

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