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New lifestyle... new diet... perhaps a few new recipes will perk up that urge to create great meals! Many of the websites here were created by folks like you and me! Since Weight Watchers' recipes are, by their nature, heart-smart, and many are great for diabetics as well, I've included some of the best I've found on the web.
Surf... search... experiment with some of the recipes and enjoy!

Go to Delicious Decisions

Delicious Decisions - an online cookbook provided by  the American Heart Association

Lisa's Favorite Recipes - mostly low-fat and vegetarian

Recipe Nook - has weight watcher recipes, including points and nutritional values

Journal to Success - offers recipes and tools to keep track of healthy eating - all for free!

Cooking Light - THE website for healthy cooking! Loads & loads of light recipes. The only thing  you won't find there are ALL the recipes from current issues of the magazine because they are in the business of selling magazines. Matter of fact, if you want to subscribe you can do so at their website.

Healthy Choice - This site has recipes using Healthy Choice products. Why else would you go there? Well, for starters, they have other items of interst to healthy living, including exercise & travel. An interesting site to check out when you have a few minutes to spare.

Eggbeaters.com - Yes, EggBeaters has a site! They don't have lots of recipes, but the recipes they have are excellent! They have everything from breakfast to dessert. Another site I've bookmarked.


Recipe Link is the know-all and share-all of the cooking world! Looking for heart-healthy, or diabetic, or any other special recipes? Just use their recipe search and you've got it! 
Healthy and Low Fat Recipe Swap - a Recipe Link message board - loaded with good recipes and advice.
Morningstar Farms - An alphabetical list of recipes using their great heart-healthy soy products under the brandname, Morningstar Farms. Has a recipe search feature.
SmartBalance - The heart-smart choice for baking, frying and just spreading on your toast! Includes links from their dietitian, nutrition tips, weight management tips, product information and much more! A MUST USE website for everybody interested in maintaining or regaining a healthy lifestyle.
Heart Smart Recipes From St. Luke's - St. Luke's Heart Institute with hospitals in Idaho has a great set of recipes especially for you!
BartonPlace - Almost forgot to mention my website on MSN - set up a few years ago right after my husband's triple bypass heart surgery! Family favorites adapted to our new lifestyle. Have links to the recipes here on this site, but you might want to join BartonPlace and put your own recipes up to the internet!

November 3, 2002