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July 9, 2002
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Bits & pieces of stuff granni wrote in older issues of her "Grumblings"

Perfect Memorial Day weather for...
the river walk in Manistee with some of the family!

Midland's Dahlia Garden on the Hill has a guardian overlooking all! Of course I had to pose with him... and there just happened to be a hoe nearby for me to pose with.


Saw this guy from the road and thought he was real! Just had to pose with him, so the spouse took time out from photographing flowers to catch this shot. We met the fellow who started this beautiful dahlia garden, Charles Breed, an artist whose favorite media is plastics and acrylics. Matter of fact, the "scarecrow" is a "self-portrait" by the artist. (August 29, 2002)

Walks in the Dow Gardens... soccer games... kids' performances... the zoo... oh yes, isn't it a wonderful world? Then of course there's the fabulous beginning of "summer" and a friend takes a trip - not just any trip, but a trip around the world and not just by plane, not Dale, no he's finishing up a trip begun several years ago -  by bicycle! Of course you'll read all about it here, as granni39 continues to grumble. (from May 30, 2002 What's New)

Another New Health Study...
Just heard another one of those never-ending "tips for living a longer life" - this one about sleep! It seems there's a study now that proves that older people will live longer if we sleep LESS! Supposedly 6-1/2 to 7-1/2 hours sleep is better than 8 hours or more.

That couldn't have been a more timely study, as far as I'm concerned! Last week the county closed down a well-traversed bridge that's a few miles down the road from us. Folks from our side of the river, who work across the river where all that sort of thing happens, now have to drive down past our house to get to the next bridge. Did I say drive? I meant FLY!!!

Bottom line - all that traffic, all of them accelerating as they come around the curve and speed up creates LOTS of noise! Needless to say, granni's sleeping pattern has been reduced from a very comfortable 7-1/2 to eight hours a night to a rather uncomfortable 6-1/2 hours to seven as these unwitting working folk share their necessity for early rising!

I'm not complaining, mind you; I was one of you for many years! I'm just saying, well... now that it's healthy for me to get less sleep, well... I guess..... thank you for doing your part to keep granni going strong! (February 28, 2002 News)

July 9, 2002